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Updating a blogon the iseries

Then you can take one of the supported upgrade paths: V5R4 to V6R1, V5R4 directly to V7R1, or V6R1 to V7R1.Regardless, the further behind you fall from V7R1, the harder it will be to upgrade when the time comes.Q5: How do I update firmware using service partition?A5: Firmware update using service partition is a two-step process.First, when MH PTFs are loaded and applied, the firmware repository on the load source is updated.Temporarily applied MH PTFs update the load source B repository, and permanently applied MH PTFs update the load source A repository.However, more and more, this system is being labeled obsolete by the new systems (and the younger generation).

This means those still running V6R1 come September 30, 2015 will lose premium support and program service.

This document contains server firmware and licensed internal code questions and answers. A1: The term "Licensed Internal Code" is referred to across several independent areas of code within POWER systems.

Areas considered "Licensed Internal Code" across POWER systems include: - Server Firmware (also called System firmware or Platform firmware) - IBM i System Licensed Internal Code (also called SLIC or LIC) - Hardware Management Console (HMC) Licensed Internal Code Q2: What does this Server firmware contain?

However, none of these reasons is more daunting than the fact that IBM is withdrawing support for the Operating System V6R1 starting on September 30, 2015.

If you, like many of our clients, are still sitting on V6R1 or, even further back, V5R4, it is time to make the leap to V7R1. According to John Paris and Susan Gantner, “the move to V6R1 is the biggest upgrade since the move to RISC.” There is no supported upgrade path from before V5R4 to V7R1; you have to get to V5R4 first.

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