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Some of his cabinet selections are reputed white-supremacists.Trump’s agenda is anathema to everything Peace Corps represents, and one of the horrifying truths of this election, is the end of Peace Corps as we know it.Anyway, my point being don't bank on finding that special someone in Peace Corps. The potential partner pool is small and you often don't get to spend quality alone time (unless you think crowds of 5 or more constitute being alone).

In the letter, NPCA President Glenn Blumhorst encourages Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to contact Trump’s transition team about the importance of Peace Corps service.

For two years, I lived in Madagascar as a Peace Corps volunteer.

It’s hard to sum up the experience in a succinct, one sentence answer, but for anyone who asks: “It was both fantastic and really, really, tough.” Most people get the obvious challenges — Malagasy work ethic was more laid-back than in America and sometimes presented problems.

The Russian-speaking population of Ukraine has been at a disadvantage since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In the Ukrainian parliament, this occasionally erupts in violent brawls caught on You Tube; for average citizens, it is a humanitarian problem.

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The cities where I clocked time in Ukraine are all situated along the northern section of the Dnieper River, which serves as a dividing line between the Ukrainian-dominant west and the Russian-speaking east.

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