Kitchen cabinet updating virginia

Posted by / 02-Apr-2016 02:01

Once the boxes are refinished, the new doors, drawers, and hardware installed.This gives you the look of an entirely new kitchen without all of the costs associated with a full gut.

It is also an environmentally friendlier solution than a full remodel, as you are using the frameworks you already have.

Painting cabinets allows the customer to be creative with stencils, aging and distressing, wax or varnish, colors, images, the list goes on.

Plus you would also have the ability to add architectural features to the cabinets like, trim, dental molding, extend the cabinets to the ceiling, and crown molding.

They can be designed to stand out or give more attention to other contrasting elements in the room.

Beautiful cabinets stand out in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Cabinets arguably take up the most real estate in your kitchen.

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