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During Washington’s home opener in mid-September, the fine gents from Ball Hogs Radio cracked open a nice, cold, World Cup beer at Fed Ex Field.That wasn’t a huge deal, except for the fact that the World Cup had ended more than two months before the Redskins hosted the Jaguars.Although Philadelphia was the first place in this country where lager beer was made, it wasn't long before the brewing industry had discovered Jacksonville.As early as the 1870s, Philadelphia-based brewer Bergner & Engel was regularly sending refrigerated railcars, loaded with barrels of beer, to its West Bay Street depot in La Villa's Railroad Row.Then I typed that code into Budweiser’s “Track Your Bud” feature on its Web site.

"These changes allow us to strictly adhere to our long-held high-quality standards and maintain the superior taste of our beer, which is always our top priority," he said.

Later called Jax Brewing Company, Ostner's flaghship project, Jax Beer, a German-style pilsner, became one of the most popular drinks in the southeast.

During Jax Brewing's early 20th century heyday, the Durkeeville brewer was one of the city's largest employers, churning out 200,000 barrels of beer annually.

A look inside Anheuser-Busch's economic, environmental and cultural impact involved in operating a Jacksonville-based brewery where 99.6 percent of everything utilized in the manufacturing process is recycled.

William Ostner's Jax Brewing Company was the largest brewery to operate in Jacksonville before the 1969 arrival of Anheuser-Busch.

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