Christian courtship and dating

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Christian courtship and dating

If you were to ask me several years ago to give you a rundown of courtship vs dating I would have easily pulled out my notes and let it rip.But the more I read online, the more I’ve seen that (at least in Christian circles) courtship and dating mean different things to different people.Previously this is how I would have articulated the two paradigms of pursuing romance, the courtship vs dating debate: Any spiritually minded, sincere person reading this courtship vs dating comparison would totally pick the courtship paradigm over the dating one.But the problem comes when you face the reality that the way some people actually implement courtship has been taken to extremes, and has painted "courtship" in a fanatical light.Prior to that time, marriage always involved much more input from the parents, and "trial relationships" leading up to marriage were not conducted at all.

That romance turned into marriage less than a year after Wendy and I met, and now, in our fourteenth year of marriage, we are more in love than ever. It’s not that I was against dating; I sometimes envied guys who always seemed to be going with someone. I was afraid she might say no——and I was afraid that if she said yes, I wouldn’t know what I was supposed to do on a date and would make a fool of myself. I did go on a date once when I was seventeen, but that was because the girl asked me. That may sound boring: 24 years without even one girlfriend, then the rest of my life attached to the same woman.

Recently, after someone I’ve mentored finally decided to declare that they were in a relationship, they didn’t know if they should call it dating or courting.

Both terms seem to have connotations that their belief system doesn’t represent.

Unfortunately, however, our culture teaches our singles to engage in multiple dating relationships as though it were a normal and useful practise.

The truth is, the modern dating system has only been around for less than a century.

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