Basshunter dating

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Basshunter dating

Mid-2000s era Swedish pop EDM DJ Basshunter may have literally zero political credentials, but 53,189 people would still prefer him as prime minister over the incumbent Theresa May.

A poll took off on Twitter on Friday night, attracting nearly 9,000 retweets and some 57,814 votes before it came to its scheduled close.

He said he was pleased but surprised with the result, given he's only been competing seriously for about three years.

"I've got a bit of a competitive nature and I'm always trying to do the best I can,” he said.

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My husband, coming from a divorced family is not close to his family at all.

"Obviously you've got to back yourself slightly to have a go,” he said.

He said while promoting his new song: 'I'm a party animal, I'm not a bad boy, I'm very nice but I'm definitely a party guy.' Of the theme behind his new song, he said: 'Fridays, Wednesdays, it works very well on all days actually, depending on what you do of course.

I live every day of my life like a Saturday, so to me it works perfectly all week.'The Swedish star explained he is still in touch with Dane Bowers, Alex and Page Three girl Nicola T from the house.

He said he was planning to catch up with Dane and Alex over the summer to 'watch old episodes together.' He has also been performing the tune around Europe, and played to a lively crowd at the Northern Pride event in Newcastle the Saturday before last.

However it hasn't been all smooth sailing for the competitive fisherman.

Mr Middleton is awaiting repairs on his fishing boat, as he ran into motor issues when he stopped for a fish in Somerset Dam on his way home from the last competition.

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It was a binary choice, with 92% of respondents opting for Basshunter and just 8% selecting Conservative leader Theresa May.

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